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Saw this on Facebook today and I couldn’t help but laugh

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queenfujoshi said: offering him a drink is always nice too!! ahh it sounds like the perfect atmosphere to get some cute-beardy-guy lovin! trust me it works, men love flattery. of course! yes yes!! i’ll be happy to see what happens!

Well I wasn’t fast enough. We were talking and then I went to sauna and when I came back he was holding hands with my sister and flirting.

Ugh next time I try to hit someone I make sure it’s a girl, super nerdy and lives in the other side of the world so she’ll never have a change to meet my sister.

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queenfujoshi said: well it usually means that the guy is at least semi interested in you. especially if you’re both drunk. flirting can be tricky for sure but if you’re already hitting it off you can just keep going down that road. compliment his dimples and beard!!

Well, I guess semi-interested would be decent enough. Not too drunk, but in chatty, cheery mood you know? Maybe I’ll have a drunk or two and offer him some and see where it goes. That compliment thing soinds awesome, gonna try it. Thanks! I’ll be back later to tell how it goes.

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queenfujoshi said: oh man, sounds crazy.. but still! it’s worth a shot isn’t it?? he’s cute and everything.. is he makin eyes at you? ahh, noooo….. *hugs you* but you’re so pretty…. if someone can’t see that then.. good riddance i say!

Well at least when we’re talking. He’s laughing at my jokes, does that mean soemthing else besides I’m fun when I’m drunk?

I don’t even know how to flirt on anyone anymore! I’ve been single for way too long and I don’t even want relationship and kinda want ugh I’m not ready for decisions like this. :D Last time it went so smooth, I only remember throwing up on him (my now friends with benefits guy) after blowjob and then waking up next to him. He wanted to give it another, sober try and now it’s been a year. Why can’t I just go crazy drunk and see what happens, I hate making decisions? D:

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queenfujoshi said: you might not have change, but you do have a chance!!! you’re gorgeous.. plus you’re drinking so that makes folks more apt to wanna socialize and flirt it up!! *cheering for you* your sister ain’t the end all girly, you’re a hottie too!! :d

But I don’t even want to try because ugh, she always gets everyone. I’m not even exaggerating when I say that 50% of this town’s guys has soft spot for her. Only one has those for me, and only because we happened to be drunk at the same party and ended up doing very fucked up things. 

But he’s so cute and that smile and dimples and lil’ beard and awwwwwwww. I’m too afraid to even try though. She’s seen my sister and now i look like a hidious shit compared to her.

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half of me is like ‘lets get a billion tattoos and wear killer heels and sharp eyeliner and red lipstick and leather jackets and dye my hair super bright colors’

and the other half is ‘lets wear pastel dresses and cardigans and ballet flats and play ukulele and wear cute jewelry’

and i think that pretty much sums up my entire existence

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Flycatcher being adorable (。♥‿♥。)

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Lippu Desuun hankittu. Jes jes.

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